Collection: Lettuce Believe

Have you ever been struck by how proudly a single fresh lettuce leaf can stand, tall and welcoming? I have! Nature has such a wonderful way of repeating shapes and patterns, don't you think? This single leaf reminds me of a Redwood tree, but I bet you can think of other things.

Believing in something takes all of these things - confidence, strength, and repetition. When we're trying to tell a new story about something, believing it is the first step. I happy to believe that together we can create a world that works for everyone, and that's the spirit I painted this in.

"Lettuce Believe" is one of three lettuce pieces in my first watercolour series, and I can't wait to see where you hang yours.

See "Lettuce Be Kind" and "Lettuce Be" elsewhere in the store, and consider collecting all three.