Collection: Wise Whale Eye

Having lived in for years in the Northern Gulf Islands of Canada, the ocean is never far from my thoughts. When my little family moved to central Canada, whales, octopi, and other sea creatures started appearing in my art. I think it's Natures way of helping me stay connected to myself. This whale is part of an original, which had the addition of a whaling ship in the distance, and that was the first piece of art I ever sold, to a dear friend and advocate of my budding art career.

In this print version, the focus is solely on the whale, and whatever it says to you in its wise eye. Gouache as a medium is versatile in its ability to render solid shapes in intense colours but also create flowing abstract layers that are partially transparent. If you look closely, you'll also see some highlights in ink pen and a few touches of watercolour, to enhance certain colours.

I hope the deep connection to the water and planet in this painting give you peace and joy as it hangs in your home.